Best Cannabis Tincture Recipe

By | January 23, 2012

The Best Cannabis Tinctures on earth are in California in the medical marijuana dispensaries.  Many brands of cannabis tinctures are now available.  Alta is one brand of cannabis tincture you can find in San Francisco, California.  Some tinctures are made with glycerine, and others with alcohol.  Dr. Alan Frankel is perhaps the leading medical doctor with expertise in the matter.  Dr. Frankel likely has hundreds of patients who have reported back with their empirical results from their own personal experiments with marijuana in tincture form.  Our advice?  Follow the Best Cannabis tincture recipe in this video and sample as many bud tender recommended products as you can find at your local medicinal cannabis dispensary.  Viva Sativa!

Cannabis is a plant which offers us instant access to divinity.  Spark if you like, or vaporize if you seek a harm reduction method of cannabis inhalation.  Tinctures and edibles and topicals offer alternative ingestion methods which don’t involve smoking.  Cannabis is an herb.  Cannabis is medicine.

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