Best Cannabis Strains For ADD & ADHD & Tourettes

By | March 12, 2012

The Best Cannabis strain information for medical marijuana patients is often passed from one patient to another, or is learned by trial and error.  In this case, we give it to you from the doctor himself.  Dr. David Bearman speaks in this marijuana video about the efficacy of medicinal cannabis for patients suffering from ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, and other neurological disorders.

We give you the basics  here in this video and hope the good doctor’s words can go far in teaching people that cannabis is safe medicine.  Enjoy!   Viva Sativa!

7 thoughts on “Best Cannabis Strains For ADD & ADHD & Tourettes

  1. Robert Moore

    Thank you for the great video.
    I have a moderate but very tiring case of Tourette’s,
    - only the tics,
    and am searching for some form of supplement or safe medicine, CBD oil perhaps ?
    Something that has none of the psychoactive components if possible, but will accomplish the inhibitory aspect and take away some of the anxiety of the tics as well as alleviating the “compulsion” to tic.
    It is a compulsion in me, not involuntary, more semi-voluntary. If you have any ideas or a study I could volunteer for, please let me know, much appreciative, Rob I’m in Flower Mound Texas 972 793 3008

    1. Taima Post author

      Robert, I’m unaware of specific medicine that can help, but am hopeful that readers will offer suggestions. The best dispensaries are listed at They have patient resources available which may help answer your questions. Cheers to your health!!

    2. Josh


      I came across your post after seeing a special on CBDs. I also have a mild case of Tourettes and haven’t been able to treat it with conventional medications. If you get this, please connect with me @ If you’ve had any success, I’d love to hear about it.


  2. Deborah Gloria

    Thought your site was informative.
    I wanted to know if you could give me some strain names of CBD
    As my husband has ADD/ADHD and TBI . He is high functioning w regards he holds down a job. We would like some direction and your opinion on strains of CBD that he could start with.
    Thank you
    I appreciate any feedback
    Deborah Gloria

    1. Taima Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Deborah. Keep an eye on the strain library here (currently under construction as of 9/9/14) You may find experts on CBD for various conditions in the community surrounding that site. Cheers!

  3. Gary

    I too have been searching to find the Holly Grail. I have a severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome and had to retire early from a high paying job . I am 60+ years of age and as with most Tourette’s sufferers, the ADD/ADHD OCD and Bi Polar (wax wane), has plagued me most of my life. After years of prescription drug side effects and declining health, I began using cannabis and instantly knew I was on to something for the first time in my entire life! I have tried to better educate myself about the various cannabis strains and landed on a 80/20 percent THC strain that has provided me with almost 95% relief for day time use and any 100% Indica strain before bed time. The night time usage was needed to stop the intrusive thoughts that interrupt sleep for those with Tourette’s. I am just now beginning my third year since switching from prescription drugs to cannabis, that I have grown at home. I can say without any hesitation that I am certain that full relief is waiting for each of us who suffer for no other reason than fear of the unknown. You are the clinician and your specific dosage and strain are totally dependent on your particular body chemistry. I came across a YouTube video that was very informative and suggested the exact same positive results I have experienced.
    I apologize for the lack of specific strain name or mention of any one specific method of intake. I glossed over this by saying that you are the clinician and your specific dosage and strain are totally dependent on your particular body chemistry. I am aware of the social and employment restrictions surrounding the use of medicinal cannabis and I can only be thankful that I am retired and I can legally and openly smoke or vaporize at home. I hope that this information will help someone like myself who had given up on life only to fall back in love with life and the peaceful feeling of health as it should have been all along.

  4. Taima Post author

    We appreciate hearing from you, Gary. Cheers to your health!


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