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LED Grow Lights Refocus

State Of The Art Marijuana Lighting LED Grow Lights Results Speak Volumes Indoor Cannabis Lighting Industry Overview 91LIFE took a look at the ganja lighting marketplace. Their evaluation of the best LED grow lights can be found here… How is the best cannabis growing in your garden? What advantages are you finding from LED grow… Read More »

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer

“What if Cannabis Cured Cancer summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana. Most medical doctors are not aware of this information and its implications for prevention and treatment. If we need more evidence that our current policy on cannabis is counterproductive and foolish, here it… Read More »

Epsilon New World Apothecary Strain Project

Chef Dave is collecting strain data across California, and if you are growing the best, you may want to check out the Epsilon New World Apothecary website.  Here are the forward thinking words of the man himself, from Epsilon’s Facebook page: “Epsilon will be conducting private research on lineage purity in CA strains, as they… Read More »

Marijuana Genetics Video

Take a tour of a marijuana geneticist’s special cannabis nursery in this excellent video hosted by Scott Blakey. Scott was formerly with the Green House Seed Company in the Netherlands. 25 varieties of ganja grow at Scott’s farm, with 10,000 clones growing at any given time, some from mothers 16 years old. 9 of the… Read More »

Method Seven Glasses For Cannabis Growers

Looking for a sign of a mature cannabis industry?  Need sunglasses for your grow room?  Method Seven glasses were designed specifically for cannabis growers, and other indoor farmers who utilize High Pressure Sodium lights to grow their crop.  Stylish and functional, these glasses are going to fly off the shelf.  Happy growing!! Check out what… Read More »

How To Run A Perpetual Cycle Of Cannabis Strains

The Best Cannabis is available cannabis, and perhaps the best way to ensure a steady supply of a variety of the best marijuana strains for your stash is to grow your own.  In this dope video you’ll see the simple setup which can keep you into a perpetual cycle of cannabis harvests every few weeks.  Keep… Read More »

Best Cannabis Grow Marijuana Videos

The Best Cannabis videos for marijuana growers are the Jorge Cervantes series. We present #2 here in this excellent cannabis growing video. You will learn about the sun. You will learn about growing marijuana with lights indoors. You will learn about LED lights for growing marijuana. Enjoy this ganja growers video from Jorge Cervantes.

Best Cannabis High Growing Videos

The Best Cannabis growing videos are presented here over time.  Sit back, smoke some award winning Sonoma Coma, and take good notes.  Plenty of hard work goes into growing the finest cannabis in the world, but there may be no sweeter reward than the taste of your first homegrown. We’ll help your garden grow with… Read More »

Best Cannabis Growing Lights

The Best Cannabis light is the sun. The second best cannabis lights may just be LED’s. Light Emitting Diodes are a cost effective way of lighting your marijuana grow room when considering the lifetime of the investment, cost savings from greater electricity efficiency, and cost savings from reduced heat in the cannabis growing space created… Read More »

Best Marijuana Books

The Best Cannabis Books we can find will be presented to you, gentle reader, so you may grow the best marijuana in the world in your own 5 by 5 garden. Growing marijuana in your own home, or in a field near your home, can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences of… Read More »