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Hempsters: Plant The Seed (Full Movie)

Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, and Gatewood Galbraith star in this fantastic documentary film about Kentucky hemp. Why is the plant so important to the family farmer? Why does Willie Nelson care about hemp (after all, you can’t smoke it to get high!!)? Enjoy this great movie to increase your awareness of the cannabis sativa hemp… Read More »

Hemp Lands Film

Test your knowledge of hemp with this excellent documentary film about one of the most useful plants known to man. I thought I knew it all when it came to hemp, but the power of government to erase history has proven strangely surprising to me once again. Turns out, I probably have quite a lot… Read More »

Best Cannabis Movies :: A NORML Life

The Best Cannabis films will inspire you to take action against a federal government that has arrested 20 million Americans for cannabis use. 20 million is a staggering number of people whose lives were negatively affected by law enforcement in ways cannabis could never have harmed them. The late Gatewood Galbraith is featured in this… Read More »

Best Cannabis Art Films: Taken By Storm

The Best Cannabis art is found in vinyl collections all around the world. The cannabis using artists chose Storm Thorgerson to create stunning album art to help propel their records to the top of the charts. Who doesn’t remember Pink Floyd’s rainbow pyramid cover for Dark Side of the Moon, for example? This Storm guy… Read More »

Best Cannabis :: New Bob Marley Movie Premiers 4-20

The Best Cannabis film of the year is quite likely to be the new Bob Marley movie which is presented to the world on April, 20 2012 by Kevin MacDonald. 4/20. 420. Bob Marley. Easy enough for me. We know you’ll love this trailer for the new Bob Marley documentary. Jah lives in all of… Read More »

Best Cannabis Documentary Video

The Best Cannabis movie we’ve seen is The Union, The Business Behind Getting High This marijuana film goes deep into the North American cannabis culture, exploring the economics behind ounces of marijuana, okay pounds, oh, alright…TONS of ganja that make their way across the Canadian border from British Columbia into the United States in Washington,… Read More »

Best Cannabis Documentary Film

The Best Cannabis film of the moment is “The House I Live In”, winning top awards at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Robert Redford is well known for founding the festival. We thank Robert Redford for creating the situation which allows the world to learn about the problems with the war on… Read More »

Top Weed Videos

We know what you love. You love the Best Cannabis strains and you’ll work hard to get them. But will you go around the world in your pursuits of Mary Jane? Franco and Arjan from the Greenhouse travel to Morocco, India, Malawi, and to other exotic locations in search of the top cannabis genetics in… Read More »