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Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes

The best underground glass pipe artists in the world combine forces in this cool film about a culture most people never know exists. Marijuana pipes, weed bongs, ganja water pipes, hash pipes, hashish pipes, you name it, these fine artists make it. And one day, just maybe they’ll display their art in the museum. With… Read More »

Slick Balls Demo Video

We love product innovation. Try these silicone balls out next time you need to store your cannabis concentrates in a non-sticky way. Marijuana keeps moving forward! Available for purchase at Aqua Labs [media-credit name="CC-SA-Cannabis Training University" align="alignleft" width="320"][/media-credit]

Willie Nelson & Friends At CMT Music Awards: “Roll Me Up”

Oh, don’t think for a second that we forgot about the plight of the Vapor Room in San Francisco, California, for they are threatened with eviction by the federal government by June 13th. But we know the team at the Vapor Room sides with Willie Nelson (in fact they sell a strain called just that,… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 9 – Black Tuna

The leader of the Black Tuna gang, Robert Platshorn, imprisoned in the Federal system for more years than I care to think, is now leading seniors to the voting booth via his Silver Tour.  The positive message about cannabis is now being spread by the consumate salesman, Robert Platshorn, felon of the drug wars.  The… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 8: PTSD

The Vapor Room gave away TONS of free cannabis to veterans today.  How could the federal government attack such a beloved institution of healing, community, sharing, and growth?  Who benefits? Sadly, suicide has killed more Iraq and Afghanistan vets in the last few years than the war itself, so we’re going to war on PTSD… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 7

New Jersey Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll comes out!!  His tone in this video leads me to think he wants to regulate, tax, and control cannabis.  What do you think?  Meanwhile, the Feds are trying to close the venerable Vapor Room. All this topsy turvy news must mean we are winning during this period of… Read More »