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Top 10 Best Cannabis Myths

The big idea team behind Best Cannabis presents a list of the top 10 marijuana hip waders for the mental muck of ganja myths. We do the heavy lifting to clean things up one myth at a time. Remember, an ignorant, uninformed voter nearly always chooses “NO” at the ballot booth. A little solid information… Read More »

Top Marijuana Male Plant Video

The Best Cannabis growing legend in California has taken a moment to describe the difference between the male and female marijuana plants.  Jorge Cervantes is looking good in his cannabis videos lately because the fear of federal prosecution for users and growers has diminished to such a degree that he can remove his oft wore… Read More »

Top Marijuana Strains

We strive to offer the Best Cannabis experience every time you join us.  Today our focus is on the top marijuana strain hunters, the gentlemen from the Greenhouse in Amsterdam.  Franco and Arjan travel the world, from India to Morocco to Malawi, Africa in search of the finest cultivars and landrace strains for their top… Read More »

Best Cannabis Buy

Who offers the best deal on the Best Cannabis in the market? We know the best place in the market for the highest quality marijuana is inside the medical marijuana collectives and medical cannabis dispensaries of California. Hash bars exist in many California cities. Some hash bars are more discreet than others, but rest assured… Read More »

Best Cannabis Vaporizers

Getting Good Herb into your system can be healthier than one might think.  Vaporizers allow users to enjoy the Best Cannabis by breathing in vaporized marijuana, heated just enough to release the medicinal properties of the plant without creating any smoke.  Have your cake, and eat it too.  With a smile, of course!!  We posted… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strain Names

We love the Best Cannabis cultural aspects that Northern California has to offer.  Here are a few of our favorite marijuana strain names, some bud we’ve seen, and some we’ve only dreamed about.  What is your favorite strain name?  Was it the Best Cannabis you’ve ever tried?  Coincidence?  While you ponder, we offer the list:… Read More »

Best Cannabis Seeds

We’ve hand selected the Best Cannabis Seeds for your best marijuana growing experience. May we Kindly recommend that if you are just getting started, TGA Seeds by Subcool is a bet you can make with confidence. Subcool is a legend and his variety of top quality, best cannabis strains grows every year. TGA Seeds by… Read More »

Top Marijuana Seeds

The Best Cannabis Road Crew took a trip to Vancouver today to give us a street view of life on Hastings Street. The lounges are open in B.C. for cannabis users to enjoy their marijuana openly and without fear. Now if only some of this Kind West coast thinking will make its way into the… Read More »

Best Cannabis Breeder

The Best Cannabis comes from the best breeders. The best genetics are combined with a little luck, love, and hard work and miracles do seem to happen. Listening to Jorge Cervantes tell the tale of the genetic push down Hawaii, Mexico, Thailand and its inevitable meet up with the cannabis indica strains from India and… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strains

We know, strain overload, right?  We shorten the list to only the essential Best Cannabis Strains.  If you are human and you like to enjoy the best cannabis on the planet, you will likely do well by starting with the list below.  If you are new to cannabis and you just found this list, today… Read More »