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Coming Out: First Hand Accounts Of The Marijuana Mainstream

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish encourages us to come out to those who know us as law abiding citizens but may not know us as responsible cannabis users. Coming out in such a way will do much to allay fears. Once fear dissipates, learning can take place. Informed voters may vote Yes for state… Read More »

How To Safely Take Ecstasy

Practicing “Harm Reduction” strategies to help eliminate overdoses and deaths, L.A. County health officials are teaching young people how to use ecstasy safely, doing so with the idea that no use is best, but safe use is better than being a dead duck. We know young men and women will experiment with their consciousness by… Read More »

Cannabinoid System in Neuroprotection, Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D.

One of the Best Cannabis scientists in the whole world, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam speaks in this video about his work with the THC molecule and the anti-inflammatory properties of THCA and other acids that are carboxylated when cannabis is heated or smoked. Perhaps if the active compound THCA is ingested without heating, it may offer… Read More »

Cannabis Sativa Genome

Remember how we mapped the human genome a while back? Same deal, just think marijuana this time around. Now we can pinpoint exact locations of genetic defects in human genes, for example. This helps us develop treatments and medicine for ourselves. Now we’ve done the same gene mapping with the cannabis sativa plant. Read about… Read More »

7 World Changing Cannabis Studies

The Best Cannabis science is happening around the world despite prohibition, and in the spirit of helping all of humanity. One day, even the prohibitionists lives may find comfort from medicine derived from the cannabis plant. Indeed, the drug warriors may even benefit from the whole cannabis plant, or from eating a marijuana brownie. Check… Read More »

Best Cannabis Science Dr. Abrams

One of the Best Cannabis doctors around, Dr. Donald Abrams tells the tale of Brownie Mary in this video. We hope his extensive positive medical experience with cannabis will help patients find the medicine they need to achieve optimal health. Dr. Abrams is as an oncologist in San Francisco, California and now believes that marijuana… Read More »

Cannabis And Coffee Are Good For The Brain

Gary Wenk, professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Ohio State University shares his findings in this marijuana video about the neuroprotective effects of coffee and the stimulation offered to older brains from small amounts of cannabinoids to protect against memory loss or other cognitive deficiencies caused by inflammation in the brain. Certain cannabinoids will reduce… Read More »

Best Cannabis Music Therapy – Keep Shelly In Athens “DIY”

The Best Cannabis therapy for me happens when my speakers are on, my ears open, my eyes shut and my breath deep. With tunes like this blues driven gem by Keep Shelly in Athens titled “DIY” to keep your spirits up, the ganja need only be a starter catalyst. Peace in rock. Find yours! What… Read More »

Best Cannabis Directory & Review Website

The Best Cannabis review website is StickyGuide.com.  Fast becoming the industry standard, StickyGuide was launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010 and since then has grown to include dispensaries in Michigan, Colorado and in far reaches of California’s vast medical marijuana landscape. Forward thinking marketers such as Harborside, Berkeley Patients Group, Vapor Room,… Read More »

How To Run A Perpetual Cycle Of Cannabis Strains

The Best Cannabis is available cannabis, and perhaps the best way to ensure a steady supply of a variety of the best marijuana strains for your stash is to grow your own.  In this dope video you’ll see the simple setup which can keep you into a perpetual cycle of cannabis harvests every few weeks.  Keep… Read More »