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Wiz Khalifa Accepts HIGH TIMES Stoner of the Year Award

Wiz Khalifa works hard all year to beat out world class stoners like B-Real from Cypress Hill to win the highly coveted Stoner of the Year award from High Times Magazine.  Enjoy this video in which Wiz is given his award on a very special mobile device.  Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, all earn shout… Read More »

Best Cannabis Laws Video – Angel Raich

The Best Cannabis videos are the ones that make the most impact.  This video of Angel Raich commenting on getting kicked out of UCSF Medical Center when she is dying, DYING(!!), of an inoperable brain tumor and chose to use cannabis as her medicine.  Fear is what got her kicked out, and stress is likely… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strains For ADD & ADHD & Tourettes

The Best Cannabis strain information for medical marijuana patients is often passed from one patient to another, or is learned by trial and error.  In this case, we give it to you from the doctor himself.  Dr. David Bearman speaks in this marijuana video about the efficacy of medicinal cannabis for patients suffering from ADD,… Read More »

Rick Steves Travels To Enjoy Best Cannabis Strains

The Best Cannabis debates of the week took place at Rice University’s James A. Baker III. Institute and included speakers such as Ethan Nadelmann from the Drug Policy Alliance, Russ Belville from NORML, noted drug warrior Kevin Sabet and travel writer and storyteller Rick Steves. Rick has enjoyed the cannabis culture’s of the Czech Republic,… Read More »

How To Store Your Best Cannabis Strains

The Best Cannabis storage advice flows like Blue Dream canna butter from the mouth of High Times marijuana strain expert Danny Danko in this entertaining video.  How long have you successfully stored a jar of fresh nugs?  Years? Be sure to enjoy this fantastic video to learn how to store marijuana without worries of pests,… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strains Music

The Best Cannabis is grown in gardens cared for with love, and we know happy humans love best. I’m happiest when I’m listening to music, especially if I’m gardening at the time. I swear it comes out in the plants. Then it comes out in our smiles. Join us for this video of some top… Read More »

Best Cannabis Strains High CBD Video

The Best Cannabis may be the dope that doesn’t get you high at all. High CBD strains of cannabis offer the best therapeutic feelings of well being, whereas the high THC marijuana strains can sometimes overwhelm the patient with a euphoric, cerebral experience she may find uncomfortable. Steven DeAngelo from Harborside Health Center offers his… Read More »

Best Cannabis Rob Van Dam MMA Marijuana Chat

The Best Cannabis anecdote this week may just have come from Rob Van Dam when he talked about Nick Diaz being suspended from MMA competition for using the enhancer cannabis sativa. Athletes understand the power of cannabis to heal the body and assist with relaxation. Enjoy this video, straight from the mouth of a man… Read More »

Best Cannabis Grow Marijuana Videos

The Best Cannabis videos for marijuana growers are the Jorge Cervantes series. We present #2 here in this excellent cannabis growing video. You will learn about the sun. You will learn about growing marijuana with lights indoors. You will learn about LED lights for growing marijuana. Enjoy this ganja growers video from Jorge Cervantes.