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Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 9 – Black Tuna

The leader of the Black Tuna gang, Robert Platshorn, imprisoned in the Federal system for more years than I care to think, is now leading seniors to the voting booth via his Silver Tour.  The positive message about cannabis is now being spread by the consumate salesman, Robert Platshorn, felon of the drug wars.  The… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 7

New Jersey Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll comes out!!  His tone in this video leads me to think he wants to regulate, tax, and control cannabis.  What do you think?  Meanwhile, the Feds are trying to close the venerable Vapor Room. All this topsy turvy news must mean we are winning during this period of… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 5

We want to tell you everyday how sad it will be if this cool medical cannabis collective is forced to close on June 13th by the Feds. Long live the Vapor Room, a San Francisco institution of healing. Stop by the Haight and give Martin and the Family at the Vapor Room some love. They’ve… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 4

One of the coolest places on the planet is in danger of closing!! Federal prosecutors have threatened to close the venerable Vapor Room by June 13th, even though they have a signed letter of commendation from the city supervisors of San Francisco for excellence in safely providing medical cannabis to patients from all walks of… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 3

We’re asking, why would the Feds want to shut down this award winning institution of medical cannabis, the Vapor Room? Does this place strike you as particularly pernicious in any way? Scary? Threatening? Too good, maybe. Yeah, too good. Maybe that’s it. I ask you, do you think your children will be safer when the… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project Day 2

The Feds are threatening to shut down the venerable Vapor Room by June 13th!! Do you support the closing of such a beautiful medical cannabis collective? Why are the Feds attacking the Vapor Room when they have been doing such a great job serving the medical marijuana patient community in San Francisco, California for many… Read More »

Vapor Room: Every Day Project

We’re writing every single day about the Federal Government’s attack on this most wonderful example of what a cannabis collective can be. See, come June 13th, the Vapor Room either needs to change into a delivery only service, or face a raid from the DEA. Their landlord has been threatened with forfeiture of the property… Read More »

Epsilon New World Apothecary Strain Project

Chef Dave is collecting strain data across California, and if you are growing the best, you may want to check out the Epsilon New World Apothecary website.  Here are the forward thinking words of the man himself, from Epsilon’s Facebook page: “Epsilon will be conducting private research on lineage purity in CA strains, as they… Read More »

Marijuana Genetics Video

Take a tour of a marijuana geneticist’s special cannabis nursery in this excellent video hosted by Scott Blakey. Scott was formerly with the Green House Seed Company in the Netherlands. 25 varieties of ganja grow at Scott’s farm, with 10,000 clones growing at any given time, some from mothers 16 years old. 9 of the… Read More »

Method Seven Glasses For Cannabis Growers

Looking for a sign of a mature cannabis industry?  Need sunglasses for your grow room?  Method Seven glasses were designed specifically for cannabis growers, and other indoor farmers who utilize High Pressure Sodium lights to grow their crop.  Stylish and functional, these glasses are going to fly off the shelf.  Happy growing!! Check out what… Read More »