Best Cannabis is a lineup of the best cannabis products for people looking to make buying easier. From vapes to cookbooks, we lighten your load by suggesting the best one to buy. We pick the very best one, making the decision simple and easy.

About Us

Best Cannabis is a lineup of the best marijuana products for people looking to make buying easier. From vapes to cookbooks, we suggest the one best cannabis product to buy, simplifying life for everyone.

Our team of advisors have met the makers, discussed the details, fussed about the particulars, and did all the heavy lifting, putting these products to the ultimate test by using them in their daily lives. We figure if we do the work, you won't have to. Fair deal?

Our Picks are made after rigorous testing, and informed by untold sessions with the makers of the products. We talk to the vast community of cannabis connoisseurs who routinely use these products to help us determine what works best. We invited a group of cannabis advisors to nominate and vote on their one best choice in a list of categories. These are the people making cannabis great, and we'd love to share our Picks for the best of the best. Here we present the results of the 1st Annual Best Cannabis Picks 2018.

Our strength is our word, and our word is bond. We uphold editorial independence, as separate from day to day business, as a cornerstone of our ethical standards. Our Picks are always made through our research, nomination, and voting processes. We invite all of the advisors to respond about their best product choice while remaining unaware of our ongoing business ties.

We believe the best cannabis on the planet should be enjoyed with the best cannabis products around. We've got our hands on both. Want in?

Here's a little more with respect to what we're all about.

Do we only hear about the winners?

Highlighting the best cannabis products means telling you what we use ourselves, or what we've learned from experience in the field. We've tested brand after brand and have arrived at a sweet spot we know you'll enjoy.

Do you research cannabis products?

We save you time and energy by providing shortcut guides to the best cannabis products. We research all cannabis products at the best possible sources including High Times, Culture Magazine, Skunk Magazine,DOPE Magazine, Ladybud, and at community forums online. Our guiding philosophy of "a rising sun lifts all grows" ensures collaboration with the best folks in cannabis, so if you please, stop by and support their work when you get the chance.

How can I trust this is the best?

Determining what works best is what we do. To us the best means the product that works better than the others under normal conditions, for most folks, most of the time. We use these products, and meet the makers to discuss the minutia of the what makes their product great. We'd like to be known for saving you time. What does that superstar leader of the cannabis industry for 20+ years like to use to store his cannabis flower, and why does he use it? That's the one product I want to know about.

We invite you to judge for yourself. Go to the events, meet the people, ask them what's the best. Be a part of the community by letting us know what you find. We'd love to hear how things went for you after buying the products.

Think of us as friends who don't get paid unless you stay happy. After all, if you don't like the products, and return them, we don't get paid. We're all in this together, with trust baked right in to the system.

Do you and the advisors help people?

We believe in fairness and equality. We donate 1 full equal share, the exact same amount each of us earn on the team, to The Silver Tour for their senior outreach program, ensuring access to trusted information about cannabis for the people who need it most.

What if I don't see the product I want listed?

We definitely want to hear from you, as we hope to continually work to improve. Give Ty a shout at to mention a recommendation or request. All of your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for visiting.

-- Ty Palmer, Founding Editor, Oakland, CA

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