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Privacy Policy

User Rights:
Information we have about you may be known to you, per your rights. Contact us at In order to respond appropriately, we may request identity verification. We will send all information we have about you via digital communication, unless you choose another method. Additional requests for same/similar information to possibly be met following administration fee payment. You have the right to know how information about you is being processed, and by whom. Requests for information processing verification should be sent to

You may update us with new personal data information anytime. Corrections and updates should be sent to We respect your right to remove your personal data from our site for any reason simply by contacting us with your specific request. We may ask to verify your identity to ensure proper compliance. If you wish to restrict, suppress, or block the processing of your personal data, as is your right, please contact us. Should you wish to retain and reuse your personal data, we welcome your communication. Personal identity verification may be requested by us. You have the right to retain and reuse your data as you see fit. 

Sometimes, persons may object to the use of their data while visiting the site. If you believe these circumstances apply, please contact us. Your right to use the site free of legally binding decision based on automated action or expected, lawful site use is ours to uphold.

User and Client Data:
We control all user information including email addresses. is the service we use to gather and store email addresses, and we do so only for visitors who have chosen to provide us with their email address for the purpose of receiving correspondence.  

You can contact us at any time to:
1. Request access to information Best Cannabis has about you.
2. Correct any information Best Cannabis has about you.
3. Delete information Best Cannabis has about you.

If you have questions about Best Cannabis' storage of data, please contact us at: :: Phone - 650.731.2420

International Law
Guests visiting our site from outside the United States please know you are sending personal information to server locations in the United States. Information may be transferred outside the United States by our partners. Privacy laws in the United States and in other countries may not match those of your home country. We will handle your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy at all times.

Legal Basis
We only process data in a manner to which consent has been given, such as in the case of tracking legitimate site users vs. bots to deliver the best experience to the humans possible. If we ask for your email address in order to send a newsletter to you, we'll only use your address for that purpose, or similar purposes simply to facilitate better communication or notify of updates to the privacy policy and terms of service. 

We use cookies to deliver the best possible user experience by tracking what is valuable to users, and what is less so. We want real humans, not bots, to enjoy our site and Google Analytics helps us keep track of site visitors in aggregate because of other activity on the web. We are not provided access to individually identifying information from Google for this service.

We Collect The Following Information:
Our site may collect personal information such as your name and email address in order to send privacy policy updates, terms of service updates, and send periodic correspondence in newsletter form. When you purchase a product by clicking the button to follow our buying suggestion, Amazon or other trusted third party affiliates may request your personal data, including your name, address, payment information.
If you wish to opt out of promotional or service related emails or other forms of correspondence related to your use of the site, reception of our newsletter, or participation on the social networks, please contact us at

Information Use:
Information you provide to us is used to operate, improve, and maintain our services. We use the information we collect to run out site efficiently, to bring you the best experience we can. We may send marketing communications, reply to inquiries and questions, and improve our site for the benefit of our site visitors and partners. You have the option of opting out of communication with us anytime. Contact us at to submit your request. 

At any time, you may object to personal data use unless otherwise permitted by law. You may contact us to update, delete, or correct information and we may respond within a reasonable period of time. We will satisfy our legal requirements for fulfilling your request while maintaining legitimate, legal uses of information as need be. You have the right to have your information deleted or blocked in our database.

Data Controller and Processor:
Best Cannabis does not control, own, or direct the use of client or user data or act in the capacity of a data controller in the terms of the European Union's Directive 95/46/EC on data privacy, or under EU law. The user or client data is controlled by the user or client. We do not directly access information about users or clients except to fulfill services or explicit user or client requests as stated here in this privacy policy.

Best Cannabis is not responsible for the content of the data provided to us by users or clients. As per law, we are responsible for data safekeeping. No internet data is 100% safe, however. We will only utilize user data in accordance with user authorization, or to transfer user data to trusted third parties who process such data on behalf of the user as mentioned in this privacy policy.

We use cookies and similar technologies to transmit information automatically collected to: (a) improve your experience at the site and social pages (b) monitor pages viewed in aggregate (c) track promotions (d) track third party service effectiveness. 

Ownership Change:
User information, personal information, and client data may be disclosed in process of ownership change, merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or transactions of a similar type. The new owner of the the personal data accepts responsibility to present a same/similar privacy policy in order to continually prioritize user interests. Absent such an understanding regarding new ownership about privacy matters, we would be unwilling to proceed with negotiations.

Google Analytics:
We utilize Google Analytics services to observe and assess traffic to the site, in non-identifiable form. We do not identify individual users based on this information. Google is a trusted third party service provider subject to their own privacy policy. 

Information Disclosure:
Except as mentioned in this privacy policy, we will not disclose intentionally user or client data to third parties without first obtaining consent. If you consent, as well as in the below cases, we may disclose user data per best practices:

Service Providers:
We work with service vendors who provide third party services, such as Google Analytics, who may access or process personal data as part of the service. We keep their function limited and contained within contracts to maintain confidentiality in cases of data access.

Law Enforcement:
Acting in good faith, we may disclose personal data if compelled to do so by law, as directed by subpoena, warrant, or court order. In rare cases, via cooperation with government agencies or law enforcement, we may disclose personal data. We prioritize your privacy above the interests of law enforcement or governmental agencies. In exceptionally rare cases, we will comply with their requests for personal data access, especially to protect the health and safety of another human being.

Commercial communication opt-out:
You may choose not to receive, or otherwise change the arrival frequency of email or other communication from us, but then we may be unable to contact you regarding privacy policy updates and other administrative changes. Requests are processed within a reasonable time of 9 days.

Non-Personally Identifying Information:
We may collect non-personally identifying information about site use in aggregate to third party services providers in order to (a) improve services for you (b) learn about use tendencies by visitors as a group (c) maintain compliance (d) market our services (e) present advertisements to individuals in groups based upon interest or city of residence.

You may opt out from the collection of navigation information about your visit to the Site by Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics Opt-out feature.

Purpose of Processing:
We ask for personal data in order to send communication about policy updates, to improve services for you, and to ethically market our services. We use cookies to do the same.

Data Retention:
We retain billing information for a period of 7 years, and legal transaction information for 10 years, in accordance with best practices and taxation law. We retain information for the original purpose for which it was legally obtained. We maintain email address, or any personally identifiable information, including name and city of residence, you provide to us indefinitely, unless otherwise instructed. You have the right to contact us to ask us to delete your personal data. You have the right to seek guidance and request action from a supervisory authority. 

Information Automatically or Passively Gathered:
Best Cannabis or third party service providers may use automated methods to gather information about you, your computer or other device when you access our services. Here is an non-exhaustive list of the types of information we automatically gather: Internet Protocol address, or network address, type of browser you are using, operating system, name of your service provider, domains such providers use, device identifiers such as Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID, for example, or the web pages you have visited, other services you may visit before or after our service, ads you have seen or clicked on. 

Cookies and Ad-Target Technology:
Cookies help us advertise, deliver, and update the services we provide to you. Our partners work with us to advertise to you, on our site and other sites or mobile applications, and cookies and similar technologies help us perform user analytics. We analyze how users interact with our site or our ads, or partners ads, in order to offer services users will utilize. Some of the technology we use is listed here:

To improve your online experience, we use, along with our third party partners cookies or web beacons or other similar tracking technology. Cookies are a text file which help remember your browser preferences. We use cookies to understand the use of our services and other websites. We utilize cookies to offer products and services or present relevant advertisements. We, or our partners, may add a cookie to your browser to allow you to gain benefit from content, advertisements, deals, offers, or services offered by our partners. Cookies do not contain personal information like name or home address. Cookies may be associated with de-identified demographic data, or other data, linked to or derived from data you voluntarily offered. 

Cookies may be used to track the effectiveness of advertisements and services on our site or other sites, improving your experience.

Cookie Syncing:
We may work with trusted, contractually bound third party services to synch unique anonymous identifiers, such as cookies. Doing so allows us to send relevant product matches and to better present advertising.

Objects Locally Stored:
We utilize locally stored objects and other storage technology to improve user advertising experiences, analyze performance, or perform analytics. You may have the ability to remove locally stored objects in your browser's cookie and/or privacy settings.

Non-Use of Cookies:
Web browsers are designed to work with cookies, and your browser may warn you or refuse to use certain cookies if set up to do so. If cookies are turned off, some services may not operate properly. We may work with services which utilize technology other than cookies to analyze web and site activity. Browser settings designed to stop cookies may not affect other tracking technology.

Beacons on the Web:
We may utilize web beacons or clear GIFS or similar technology to observe behavior and gather user data. Such code may be placed in email or at a service to track usage such as open rates, clicks, and forwards. 

Mobile Device ID and SDKS:
We may also utilize or partner with third parties which use Software Development Kits or use an SDK to collect information such as mobile ID and information about how your mobile device interacts with our services, or those of our partners. Mobile SDKs are similar to web beacon technology. SDK's allow ads to be seen, data gathered, or related services presented. 

By utilizing our services, SDK's and Mobile Device ID's may be used to present ads to you, improve your services, or track your site and service usage at our site and others. 

California Residents:
California Civil Code section 1798.83 states certain businesses must respond to inquiries from California customers about practices surrounding personal data and its disclosure to third parties for direct marketing purposes. If customers opt-out, such sharing is disallowed. If you would like to contact us regarding this California specific policy we have in place to protect your rights, allowing you to opt-out, please write to

We will notify either by email or prominent notice at our site of any changes to this privacy policy. We encourage you to occasionally review this policy so as to be aware of updates, and to feel comfortable with the information we may gather, share, and utilize, or how trusted third parties are both expected and contractually bound to behave in relation to personal data. 

This policy became official April 20, 2018.

Data Controller:
Ty Palmer is the Founder of Best Cannabis and may be contacted regarding any questions, concerns, or requests at :: Phone - 650.731.2420

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