Best Cannabis is a lineup of the best cannabis products for people looking to make buying easier. From vapes to cookbooks, we lighten your load by suggesting the best one to buy. We pick the very best one, making the decision simple and easy.

Grow Materials

The joy of growing cannabis begins with a little knowledge and the proper setup. Our Luminary Advisors have decades of growing experience and have visited countless grows around the world. From soil and nutrients to a grow book for reference, we're happy to share what works for us.

By Ty Palmer

We select the one best cannabis growing book for your home needs. Less shopping around, more growing. We make the choice easy.

By Ty Palmer

For growers who prefer to get their hands dirty, we recommend cannabis soil for harvest results on par, or better, than hydroponics.

By Ty Palmer

Our 2018 Pick is a cannabis nutrient product made by a legendary breeder who has been producing award-winning cannabis since the early 2000's.

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