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Guide To Best Marijuana Activation System

The Best Cannabis Activation System

Ty Palmer

Long past the days of simply placing marijuana in an oven with uneven heating, modern cannabis activation system efficiently "decarbs" (decarboxylates), or activates cannabis to make oil or butter. The infused oil may then be made into edibles, or products used on the skin, such as lotions, salves, soaps, and more. Alcohol may also be used, allowing for medicinal cannabis products like tinctures to be made at home inexpensively. Our 2018 Pick, the LEVO, does not require filtration of herbal matter as a step in the butter/oil making process.

2018 Pick

LEVO cannabis infusion system

LEVO Cannabis Activation System

If you can make coffee, you can make cannabis infused oil or butter with a LEVO cannabis activation system. Reservoir cleanup in a dishwasher is just as easy. Help smash stigma with style! One wowed house guest at a time!

Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf
Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

"The LEVO is a stylish at home appliance that looks good on the counter while creating amazing ingredients for your next infused meal. Love it!"

Both the LEVO and the Magical Butter cannabis activation systems are beloved by pro and amateur chefs, and the popularity of both machines are set to surge as legalization sweeps the nation.

Close Second

Magical butter cannabis edible machine

Magical Butter Extractor

The Magical Butter cannabis activation system is solid and easy to use. Cleanup is as simple as adding water and dish detergent, then pushing a button. In addition to crafting a great product, Founder Gary Angel is making a difference with his charity, Cheers to Goodness Foundation, which provides assistance to kids who lack access to extracts from commonly available herbs.


Creator, Original Bubble Bags

"Tried and true, the Magical Butter gets the job done every time."
Bobby Black

Bobby Black
Chief Operations Officer, Crockett Family Farms

"Still my favorite decarb machine."

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