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Guide To The Best Marijuana Concentrate Vaporizer - Large

The Best Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizer - Large

Ty Palmer

When the VapeXhale Evo cannabis concentrate vaporizer came on the scene in 2009, we knew the game had changed. Here was a device any adult could feel comfortable operating. It opened up the insiders world of dab torches to become a more universally accepted social domain of shared experiences with cannabis concentrates. Later when the Puffco Peak entered the market, their innovative approach freed us from the power cord, and further expanded the range of opportunities for socializing and sharing.

2018 Pick

VapeXhale Evo cannabis concentrate vaporizer

VapeXhale Evo Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizer

Without a doubt, the best cannabis concentrate vaporizer is the VapeXhale Evo. Demonstrating its versatility, the Evo vaporizes buds too. Winner of a couple High Times Cannabis Cups, VapeXhale is also our 2018 Pick for the best home cannabis vaporizer. We think enthusiasts will enjoy the freedom of dabbing oil, live resin, shatter, rosin and other cannabis concentrates torch free. Pictured here is an accessory setup option for improved sharing.


Creator, Original Bubble Bags

"Plug it in and forget about it. It’s always ready and super easy to load and hit. The taste and preservation of the terpene profile is second to none."
Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf
Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

"I don't consume concentrates that often but all of my friends in Cali swear by VapeXhale."

There's just something so satisfying about using a cannabis concentrate vaporizer which prominently features glass in the design. We love VapeXhale and Puffco for leading the way with durable products with a tactile feel that harken back to our earliest experiences with glass water pipes.

Close Second

Puffco Peak cannabis concentrate vaporizer

Puffco Peak Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizer

New on the cannabis concentrate vaporizer scene in 2018, the Puffco Peak is passing road tests by countless industry pros. Our experience cannabis advisors are big fans, and from what we see at The Emerald Cup, Cannabis Cups, and Hempfest events, the good word is spreading fast. The Peak is a power cord free, compact device, with a design that functions well in the wild, but looks great at home. Functionality for quick heating, and fast USB charging keeps social events lively, and the sesh mode makes sharing easy.

Bobby Black

Bobby Black
Chief Operations Officer, Crockett Family Farms

"While I do not own, and therefore rarely use, tabletop concentrate vaporizers, I have used the Peak on several occasions and found it to be easy to use and to deliver huge, clean hits."
April Black

April Black
Founder, Higher Way Travel

"Puffco really hits!"
Martin Olive

Martin Olive
Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

"Oh man, the Puffco Peak is amazing. I love, love, love using this unit for all my concentrates. It's stylish, efficient, intuitive and easy to use. Puffco really knows their market and is frankly, killing it with the Peak."

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