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Guide To The Best Marijuana Cookbook

The Best Cannabis Cookbook

Ty Palmer

Many thanks to the chefs who infuse food and drink with expertly chosen cannabis strains to match, or provide counterpoint to familiar flavors, creating something exciting and new. One day, we'll look back with humor on an era of outlaw marijuana chefs, and hush-hush cannabis cookbooks. For now, we're lucky such brilliant craftspersons are gracefully leading the way.  Catch these chefs for a private dinner if you can, and enjoy cooking with cannabis at home to share your own bit of magic with friends. Bon appetit!

2018 Pick

Ganja Kitchen Revolution Cannabis Cookbook

We've been impressed with Chef Jessica Catalano's longevity at the top of the fast paced world of cannabis cooking. Her cannabis cookbook recipes are easy to follow and make wonderfully flavorful dishes for snacks, breakfast, dinner, dessert, drinks, and special occasions. Check out Jessica's dosing chart to be sure your guests feel "just right" every time.

Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf
Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

"Chef Jessica Catalano's passion for the medical uses of cannabis, and the culinary creativity she posses, shine in this easy to use cannabis cookbook. I seriously cannot say enough positive affirmations about The Ganja Kitchen Revolution! Love it!"

Creator, Original Bubble Bags

"Some incredible recipes in this book. Not overly complex. I love ganja food!"

We're proud to present active members of our cannabis community to the larger world so all adults may enjoy their collective knowledge. These chefs are our friends, and we eat with them every chance we get. We stand by their cooking, and love their cannabis cookbooks.

Close Second

Easy Cannabis Cookbook

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook

Chef Cheri Sicard opens her cannabis cookbook with a history of the medicinal use of marijuana. We love her tips about using the proper tools and equipment to prepare and activate cannabis for edible consumption. Straight forward recipes make for truly "Easy Cannabis" cooking. A dosing chart is also included, along with a potency level indicator for each recipe. Cheri endures as a strong voice in the cannabis community, speaking out for better, safer access to cannabis for all responsible adults. We've been fans for years!

April Black

April Black
Founder, Higher Way Travel

"Cheri has solid info. Easy to understand."

For as much fun as High Times is, we also look to them for accurate information about a wide range of matters, from growing cannabis to case law. When it comes to a cannabis cookbook, the mix of funky fun and easily repeatable results they provide, along with a dash of rock 'n' roll, are perfect for lively gatherings with friends.

Also Solid

Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Easily the coolest cannabis cookbook on the market, featuring recipes by Chef Eddie Huang, Bobby Black, and marijuana breeding legends Subcool and MzJill, among many others. Also including photos with Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. We think most home chefs will enjoy this easily accessible cookbook, filled with over 50 infused meal, snack, dessert, and drink recipes to make the cooking process simple and fun. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook is a surefire hit.

Bobby Black

Bobby Black
Chief Operations Officer, Crockett Family Farms

"I may be biased because Elise is a friend of mine (and because one of my recipes is in the book), but this is my favorite nonetheless."

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