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The Best Cannabis Dab Torch

Ty Palmer

Performance and reliability is paramount, and our confidence in our 2018 Pick is born of years of dedicated tests. Marijuana flower users might not be accustomed to the heat of a cannabis dab torch at first. Keep in mind this is the same style torch chefs use to make creme brulee, often in the homes of catering clients. Enjoy with care, just like the pros.

2018 Pick

Blazer cannabis dab torch

Blazer Cannabis Dab Torch

The clear favorite for our team, Blazer makes an excellent cannabis dab torch, offering a precise flame, and solid construction to ensure reliability.


Creator, Original Bubble Bags

"I have tried them all, and the Blazers consistently have my back when it comes to dabbing on the go. Nothing worse than going to use your torch and having it be broken or empty because the seal melted out that holds the gas in. Blazer for the win."
Martin Olive

Martin Olive
Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

"My favorite torch by far. Stable base, controllable flame and it seems to be more efficient than its competition."
Bobby Black

Bobby Black
Chief Operations Officer, Crockett Family Farms

"Blazer torches are solid and reliable and hold a good amount of gas. Highly recommended."

While Blazer is the best cannabis dab torch brand for most people, many marijuana users have sworn by Vector dab torches for years. We appreciate the focus of both companies on cannabis concentrate consumers, and always look to longevity of a product to determine our recommendations.

Close Second

Vector Torch

Vector Cannabis Dab Torch

Compared to Blazer, Vector cannabis dab torch brand offers a different approach and style, but achieves similarly solid results.

Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf
Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

"Easy to use and not intimidating for people who don't use torches that often."

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