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Guide To The Best Marijuana Glass Cleaner

The Best Cannabis Glass Cleaner

Ty Palmer

Over the years, we've tried everything to clean our favorite glass pipes and dab rigs. By using a combination of non-toxic products, with ingredients which have clearly been chosen with care, we're finally consistently happy with our results.

2018 Pick

Dark Crystal Cleaner

This standout cleaner for glass, quartz, and acrylic cannabis rigs, and water pipes is a pleasure to have around.  Reusable(!!!), with a reassuring ingredients list, DC Cleaner is essential to our cleanup routine.  

Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

It’s literally like magic in dechazing quartz bangers. Absolutely love it!



Since we wash our water pipes so often, we need a sensible, fast cleanup routine to keep us in smiles.  Just a few drops of RezBlock with every change of water helps keep the gunk in the water from sticking to the glass.  Follow up with a quick wash with Dark Crystal Cleaner and things look as good as new, every time.  The clean hits are always worth it.

Close Second

Rez Block


This organic product is a welcome part a daily cleaning routine, with a little prevention being worth a lot of easy rinses.  RezBlock has been on the market for many years, and this longevity helps assure us we're among a large group of satisfied customers who keep coming back.  With no change in flavor, we're able to offer clean hits to our friends with confidence, knowing that cleanup will be a breeze.

Bobby Black Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer - Crockett Family Farms

I've used RezBlock for years. It works.



The first time we tried an organic, reusable cleaning product on a pipe, we certainly knew it wouldn't be our last.  Cleanup is a quick pleasure, with spotless results, and smiles abound.

Also Solid

Smoke soap cannabis glass cleaner

Smoke Soap

If you prefer citrus, Smoke Soap cannabis glass cleaner works just as well as, and is comparably priced to our 2018 Pick, the Dark Crystal Cleaner.  Reusable, organic.

Martin Olive Martin Olive, Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

Smoke Soap is my go to for all my pipe cleaning needs. I love the citrus smell and it comes in an appropriately sized bottle at a fair price.



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