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Guide To The Best Marijuana Growing Lights

The Best Cannabis Grow Lights

Ty Palmer

Road testing cannabis lights over the years has taken us in some pretty wonky directions. With mishaps too numerous to mention, suffice to say our current personal lighting choices fall within a narrow range of acceptability. By using only proven technology in efficient products, we're able to create the environment we want for our cannabis plants. We're glad to share our experiences, saving you the early headaches.

2018 Pick

Gavita Pro Classic Series

Dutch brand Gavita has a reputation among top growers as the best cannabis lights on the world market.  Professional and home growers throughout North America consistently produce literal tons of premium quality cannabis with Gavita lights, making their selection as our 2018 Pick an easy one.

Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

Used around the world in greenhouses these lights consistently get the job done.

Martin Olive Martin Olive, Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

Gavita changed the game. Big Time! Hortilux and SunMaster held it down for years but Gavita came out strong with a beautiful quality of light in a compact and consistent bulb and hood. Pretty much every cultivator I know has switched to Gavita.

Bobby Black Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer - Crockett Family Farms

Still my favorite brand.

Grow in the sun if you can.  For indoor and greenhouse needs, look to either trusted brand.

Close Second

Hortilux Cannabis Grow Lights

EYE Hortilux

Especially in the United States, EYE Hortilux cannabis grow lights are frequently spotted during our grow room visits.  We like seeing them around and take that as another good sign of an enduring product.  With Hortilux lighting, we continue to expect growers to enjoy bountiful indoor harvests.

Philip Wolf Philip Wolf, Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

Through and through Hortilux has always shown consistent results while keeping the prices on point. The spectrum array through the different bulbs is broad to so you can point the right spectrum bulb for yourself.



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