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Guide To Best Marijuana Grow Systems

The Best Cannabis Grow Systems

Ty Palmer

We're excited about new cannabis grow systems for the home which require no human intervention from seed to harvest. Yes, you read that right. A couple innovative companies are almost ready to bring this new technology on to the market, with products set to ship soon. Our levels of expectation for their product performance are based on respect for the individuals, and companies doing the work. We also consider those in roles of support. Great things are clearly happening in grow automation. Both companies are taking deposits today.

2018 Pick

leaf home grow system

LEAF Cannabis Grow System

With an attention grabbing 94 days from seed to harvest in a recent test with Dinafem Seeds genetics, LEAF cannabis grow system will enter the market for the first time to much anticipation. We've picked Founder Jonathan Ofir and his team to be the market leader, and so far the test results at their Facebook page are looking tasty! A graduate of Canopy Boulder's cannabis company incubator program, Jonathan Ofir's path has so far been one of success.

Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf
Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

"After doing some research, LEAF seems to be leading the way in grow machines."

We've watched the development of LEAF and Seedo with great anticipation. Their cannabis grow system products have the potential to put home grown cannabis into the hands of countless new growers, expanding the very definition of grower. With all those green thumbs around, self empowerment with cannabis activation systems to make products like lotions and edibles at home will become increasingly popular.

Close Second

Seedo cannabis grow system

Seedo Cannabis Grow System

The Seedo team, led by Uri Zeevi, has been crafting prototypes of the Seedo cannabis grow system since 2014. Their detailed work has led to the claim that you won't be doing any work at all. "You literally don't have to do a thing from seed to harvest". Orders being accepted now are expected to ship in early 2019.


Creator, Original Bubble Bags

"They have the design history and it’s a fully automated unit. No question Seedo is the home grow box I would choose."

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