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Guide To The Best Marijuana Growing Book

The Best Cannabis Growing Book

Ty Palmer

When we first set out to grow cannabis, we thought the rewards would come at harvest time. Truth is, the joy of growing itself soon catches hold. The simple pleasures of working with the soil, the nutrients, the sun, and the lights are all worth celebrating, along with the dried and cured buds. Being in control of the decisions which ensure clean cannabis in our head stash makes it worth every bit of effort.

2018 Pick

Marijuana Horticulture: Cannabis Bible

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

This fifth edition cannabis growing book has been called the very best since its original publication in 1983.  Ever since then, Author Jorge Cervantes has roamed the grows of the world educating all of us about the wonders of growing fantastic marijuana.  Essential reading, useful for indoor and outdoor grows.  A clear favorite for our Luminary Advisors.

Bobby Black Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer - Crockett Family Farms

For most of my years at High Times, this was the go-to grow book for the modern grower.

Philip Wolf Philip Wolf, Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

It has an answer for all questions! A great reference for new and experienced growers.

April Black April Black, Founder, Higher Way Travel

Still an easy choice as the best growing book.

Be sure to check out both Jorge Cervantes and DJ Short at cannabis events, and online in videos.  Their ever present curiosity about growing and breeding keeps the lessons current, always offering something new to learn.

Close Second

Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis by DJ Short

Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets (Marijuana Tips Series)

DJ Short is a cannabis breeding legend and a solid, friendly presence within the worldwide community of growers.  He's well known for freely offering advice about growing and breeding some of the best cannabis in the world.  DJ's book covers all aspects of growing from seeds or clones indoors, including everything from lighting, nutrients, and growing methods, to drying and curing techniques.  Special attention is given to cultivar selection and breeding best practices, setting the stage for nearly any hobby grower to help truly exceptional cannabis to exhibit its full genetic potential.

Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

DJ Short has some incredible knowledge which he shares in this book, and it’s always been a favourite. I am friends with most of the cannabis growing book authors but still have to give my highest props to DJ Short.



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