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Guide To The Best Marijuana Nutrients

The Best Cannabis Nutrients

Ty Palmer

Kyle Kushman, the creator of Vegamatrix cannabis nutrients, is widely known as the man behind the strain Strawberry Cough. If you ordered cannabis for delivery in New York City anytime since 2002, you know all about the powerfully uplifting effects of Strawberry Cough. Kyle has taught his proven method of growing cannabis to millions of High Times readers, and has won Cannabis Cups with the growing team at boutique Los Angeles dispensary Buds & Roses. Kyle offers excellent nutrient products, and other products, for growing exceptionally aromatic cannabis.

2018 Pick


Vegamatrix Cannabis Nutrients

Vegamatrix cannabis nutrients were designed by renowned marijuana cultivator Kyle Kushman who won 13 Medical Cannabis Cup awards, including three US Cannabis Cups for Best Flowers. Formulated for explosive growth, and utilizing only non-GMO plant based ingredients, Vegamatrix has remained a favorite among growers for many years.

Bobby Black

Bobby Black
Chief Operations Officer, Crockett Family Farms

"As a former High Times colleague, I've known Kyle Kushman for almost 20 years now. He grows some of the best-tasting weed I've ever smoked. The man knows what he's doing, and I trust his knowledge and commitment to clean, quality ingredients."
April Black

April Black
Founder, Higher Way Travel

"Kyle has been in the game for a very loooooong time."

We recommend starting with Vegamatrix cannabis nutrients for most growers as a supplement to the best cannabis soil you can find. Later, consider trying Humboldt Nutrients or Medi One to further experiment with vigor and flavor.

Close Second

humboldt nutrients

Humboldt Nutrients

Humboldt Nutrients brand of top quality cannabis nutrients continue to impress small batch and craft cannabis growers with their full flavored results. With just a little extra support, cannabis can flourish in soil or hydroponic environments, often surpassing expectations about overall quality and yield. We trust Humboldt Nutrients, and are proud to say so.

Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf
Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

"Humboldt Nutrients is a great nutrient for the connoisseur grower. The multitude of products can allow cultivators to really dial in a nutrient profile to help maximize their yield for their specific space and needs."

Finding a company a grower can trust is a big deal. We've found three cannabis nutrient brands we love, and are thrilled to recommend each one.

Also Solid

Medi One Nutrients

Medi One Cannabis Nutrients

Medi One cannabis nutrients brand is beloved by connoisseur cannabis growers. With Medi One, we enjoy tasty buds produced by healthy, vigorous plants.


Creator, Original Bubble Bags

"I love organics and therefore use mostly teas, etc., but Medi One was a pretty incredibly easy to use product that produced full melt resin every time I grew with it."

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