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Guide To The Best Marijuana Odor Proof Purse

The Best Cannabis Odor Proof Purse

Ty Palmer

Whenever you've got amazing cannabis on you, fashion and discretion can still remain top priorities.  Bring fresh nugs wherever you go without drawing extra attention for anything but the style of your odor proof purse.

2018 Pick

Annabis stylish odor proof purses

Annabis Stylish Odor Proof Purse Line

We just love Annabis founder Jeanine Moss for creating this line of fashionable odor proof purses. Her timing is perfect as women everywhere are comfortably joining together in the social aspects of cannabis with people of all genders.  Responsible cannabis use remains in vogue, and it's all about connection, sharing, and growing together.  Looking our best is part of the fun, but that doesn't mean the whole avenue needs to smell our loud, funky buds in the process.

April Black April Black, Founder, Higher Way Travel

Such lovely discretion.

Philip Wolf Philip Wolf, Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

Stylish and functional!


We're glad to see Annabis and Erbanna create dedicated odor proof purse lines for cannabis.  For all too long, style took a back seat to functionality.

2018 Pick

Erbanna odor proof purse line

Erbanna Odor Proof Purse Line

Our thanks to founder Ann Shuch for creating Erbanna as an affordable, fashion forward "damn near" odor proof purse line we enjoy.  Ann creates styles for men and women, keeping us all discreetly cool with our fellow humans in public spaces.

Founder, Ty Palmer Ty Palmer, Founder

While admittedly only "damn near" odor proof, the nod to style is welcome with a level of functionality that works fine here in California.



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