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Guide To The Best Marijuana Smell-Proof Bag

The Best Cannabis Smell-Proof Bag (unisex)

Ty Palmer

Odor control matters while carrying around fragrant cannabis buds.  Let's face it, most people don't really want to smell a half pound of Bubba Kush while they take a train to work.  To keep things cool with everybody, we've been sticking with a few companies which keep impressing us with their compact, odor control bags, built to last.  For a more high fashion feminine approach, check out discreet fashion purses here.

2018 Pick

StashLogix smell proof bag


With a great line of durable smell-proof bags, Stashlogix leads the pack when it comes to everyday discretion.  We like the Silverton style, seen here, for its sturdy interior compartments, separated neatly to allow for storage of plenty of glass containers or pipes.  Our hats off to Skip Stone and his team at StashLogix for making such solid products. 

Philip Wolf Philip Wolf, Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

A very organized and safe bag for your products while on the go.



Road testing Stashlogix and Vatra's smell-proof cannabis bags over the years has been a pleasure.  A little care goes a long way, and we're glad most people have no idea what we carry around.  

Close Second

Vatra smell proof bags


Vatra Skunk duffle bags are among a line of excellent smell-proof bags which look like regular street style bags.  With just a little forethought, we roam freely in the city, certain our cannabis will go unnoticed.

Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

Vatra bags are incredibly high quality and truly in a league of their own. When you don’t want to stink up the entire room, and still have a bag that looks good, these are the ones for me.



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