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Portable Cannabis Odor Control

The Best Cannabis Smell-Proof Container

Ty Palmer

When we need to fit in with our cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles with no one being the wiser, a little preparation makes all the difference.

2018 Pick


Tightvac is the best choice for cannabis storage, especially on the go, with smell proof odor control a certainty.  Simple, lightweight, and effective every time.

Founder, Ty Palmer Ty Palmer, Founder

Back when I did photography for StickyGuide dispensary menus, we transported assorted strains through California cities without ever having an incident. As soon as I arrived at the studio and opened the Tightvac, the fantastic smell took over the room.

April Black April Black, Founder, Higher Way Travel

I love the joint containers too.


In a sea of competitive cannabis products, we recommend only what works best for us.  We're loyal customers and brand enthusiasts, but only if the product endures as the best on the market.

Close Second

420 Jars smell proof cannabis container

420 Jars

420 Jars have remained an indispensable part of our stashes for many years.  Each sealed, smell-proof glass jar is crucial to maintaining freshness for each particular strain, with far superior results compared to old school baggies.  A few styles of 420 Jars exist, but the Screw-Top has been our favorite for its tactile simplicity, making it easy enough to discreetly open in a backpack without looking at our fingers.  And there's just something absolutely wonderful about cannabis in glass.

Bobby Black Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer - Crockett Family Farms

They are the OGs of the stash jar industry and have been my go-to container for around 15 years now.



We look to recommend durable products with longevity in the marketplace, and pay close attention to who is holding onto, and using those products in their own stashes.  We expect Tightvac, 420 Jars, and Medtainer to continue to be around, as their popularity keeps on growing.

Also Solid

Medtainer smell proof cannabis storage


Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

A great little unit for packing around your nuggets, with access to a grinder immediately . They make great gifts while gifting flowers to people.



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