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Guide To The Best Marijuana Vaporizer - Concentrates - Small

The Best Cannabis Vaporizer - Concentrates - Small

Ty Palmer

In a sea of choices, knowing which cannabis vaporizer industry pros use with their friends is key to selecting a top quality product to buy.  Both the Omicron V5 cannabis vaporizer and Puffco names are heard in our circles with increasing regularity at Emerald Cup, Hempfest, Chalice, Cannabis Cup, and similar events in the U.S., Canada, Jamaica, Spain, and beyond.  We're taking that as a good sign for both brands. 

2018 Pick

Omicron vaporizer

Omicron V5 Cannabis Vaporizer

Match the quality of your cannabis concentrates with the performance of the V5 version of the stellar cannabis vaporizer line by Omicron.  Founder Gary Bay and the team at W9tech focus on the details to diligently craft the cleanest, most dependable vaporizer products we can find.  Click the "Buy" link to view Bubbleman's Trinity XL tank option.

Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

A pen that contains no nichrome, no solder, no plastic, no rubber or cotton insulation gives me peace of mind for safety first. And it hits like a champ!

Founder, Ty Palmer Ty Palmer, Founder

Gary Bay is among a core group of trusted vaporizer makers who continue to succeed by thoughtfully selecting materials we can believe in. We expect him to continue to innovate for many years.

Martin Olive Martin Olive, Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

I like the Omicron V5 because the hardware feels sturdy and well made. I also appreciate its unique design that sets it apart from other units. Most batteries work fairly similarly, so it's important to have a well made piece that is also stylish.

Only the most versatile cannabis vaporizer devices can handle our Luminary Advisors' use of saps, rosin, and countless other various forms of cannabis concentrates.  With top performance an ever present need, rest assured our limited choices have a track record of exceeding expectations.


Close Second

Puffco Pro 2 concentrate vaporizer

Puffco Pro 2 Cannabis Vaporizer

We like the Puffco Pro 2 cannabis vaporizer for its deep reservoir, allowing for easy loading.  Concentrates such as oil, rosin, shatter, and live resin all flow well in the Puffco.  Enjoy big hits, all day, with plenty of battery for sharing. Recharging is as simple as plugging into USB.

Bobby Black Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer - Crockett Family Farms

Puffco has consistently put out high-quality products since I became aware of them while doing my first vape pen review feature for High Times back in 2014.

April Black April Black, Founder, Higher Way Travel

Puffco is legit.


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