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Tabletop Vaporizer Maximizes Efficiency

The Best Cannabis Vaporizer For Home

Ty Palmer

Our 2018 Pick for the best vaporizer to use at home is a clear winner, selected after years of searching and extensive researching (Click here to read about our selection process involving cannabis luminaries). The all glass heat path got our attention, and the massive clouds of vapor are exactly what we need to keep everybody around here smiling. Easily dial-in your desired temperature to enjoy flowers or concentrates.

2018 Pick

VapeXhale Evo At Home Vaporizer

VapeXhale Evo

Glass Heating System - Vaporizer

Donald Clough Donald Clough, Entrepreneur

"The Evo is a must in any home I'm in. I can get exactly the medicine I need, when I need it, utilizing far less flower or concentrate per session than with joints or bowls."

Mike Sanchez Mike Sanchez, Entrepreneur

"The health benefits of vaporization over smoking for athletes is especially key..."

Rick Stone Rick Stone, Entrepreneur

"The modern player can benefit from muscle relaxation and shortened recovery time with vaporized cannabis..."

Until the VapeXhale Evo came on the scene, the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel was a favorite, year after year.  The bags are socially sharable, and also great for personal use.  Detachable, reusable, easily cleaned mouthpieces make sharing healthy for everyone.

Close Second

Volcano Vaporizer

Perennial Favorite

Paul Chun Paul Chun, Entrepreneur

"Just one bag is good for me all afternoon after a workout. The vapor helps me relax more effectively, and recover faster, than conventional methods."



The best cannabis vaporizers have been on the market for years, offering yet another reassuring sign of their enduring quality.  If you are looking for a stationary tabletop vaporizer with a tube for social sharing, consider some of the accessory options of the VapeXhale Evo first (click Buy at VapeXhale above to see accessories).  If the Evo isn't your thing, the Silver Surfer will certainly deliver quality vapor time after time.

Also Solid

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Home Vaporizer

Rick Stone Rick Stone, Entrepreneur

"I find heightened interest during endurance exercise after a lift from the Silver Surfer. I've had mine for years and it just keeps on delivering."



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