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Guide To The Best Home Marijuana Vaporizer

The Best Home Cannabis Vaporizer

Ty Palmer

Our 2018 Pick for the best home cannabis vaporizer is a clear winner, selected after years of searching and extensive researching (Click to read about our selection process involving our Luminary Advisors).  The all glass heat path got our attention, and now the massive clouds of vapor keep everybody around here in good cheer.  Easily dial-in your desired temperature to enjoy flowers or concentrates.

2018 Pick

VapeXhale Evo cannabis vaporizer

VapeXhale Evo Home Cannabis Vaporizer

The Evo is unquestionably the best home cannabis vaporizer.  Founder Seibo Shen is a former Hollywood stuntman and martial artist.  His device is getting a lot of love from pro athletes, actors, comedians, and from the cannabis community.  Dispensary lounges in the San Francisco Bay Area such as Barbary Coast and Magnolia proudly offer visitors a VapeXhale Evo to enjoy their buds or concentrates.  The heady effect is similar to that achieved by smoking cannabis.  Any toker will be more than satisfied.

Bubbleman Bubbleman, Entrepreneur

Nothing preserves terpenes the way the VapeXhale Evo does. One of my all time favourite vaporizers by miles.

April Black April Black, Founder, Higher Way Travel

It really hits!

Bobby Black Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer - Crockett Family Farms

While the Volcano has always been a solid unit, Vapexhale's Evo is more stylish, compact, versatile and less expensive.

Until the VapeXhale Evo came on the scene, the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel was a favorite home cannabis vaporizer, year after year.  The bags are socially sharable, and also great for personal use.  Detachable, reusable, easily cleaned mouthpieces make sharing healthy for everyone.

Close Second

Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Home Cannabis Vaporizer

An upgrade to the popular classic model, the new more efficient Volcano home cannabis vaporizer brings German design and quality to yet another generation.  Social sharing of the vapor bags heightens a sense of camaraderie in any group, lifting the spirits of medical patients and adult users alike, fitting into cannabis pioneer Dennis Peron's idea that "all use is medical".  Digital version also available.  For buds only, no concentrates.

Martin Olive Martin Olive, Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

The Volcano is by far my favorite table top vaporizer on the market. Here at the Vapor Room, we had one on every table in our lounge and people loved using them daily. They have an amazing warranty, and upgrade service, and work well for connoisseurs.



The best home cannabis vaporizers have been on the market for years, offering yet another reassuring sign of their enduring quality.  If you are looking for a stationary tabletop vaporizer with a tube for social sharing, consider some of the accessory options of the VapeXhale Evo first (click Buy at VapeXhale above to see accessories).  If the Evo isn't your thing, the Silver Surfer will certainly deliver quality vapor, again and again.

Also Solid

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Home Cannabis Vaporizer

Utilizing a glass wand and whip system, the Silver Surfer home cannabis vaporizer made by 7th Floor Vapes carries on the idea of the healing power of social sharing at home.  Connoisseurs will enjoy the temperature control for puffing buds or concentrates (with conversion kit) to get the exact effect they desire.

Philip Wolf Philip Wolf, Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits

This in-home vaporizer is stylish and easy to use/clean. The simple traditional design will give you the same experience time after time. I couldn't ask for anything more.



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